Texas Trip (and Cupcakes)

This past weekend I took both babies and went to Texas.  A five-hour drive that took 6 hours.  I had NO idea how it was going to be like driving with both kids, mainly because I was going to have to stop to feed Noah and no one was there to let Hadley get out of the car and roam around.  The first stop was the worst.  We had to stop on the side of the interstate in Oklahoma somewhere.  Hadley and I had to get out to change her diaper and it was pretty scary as semi trucks are driving by us and shaking us.  Luckily the next stop was at the Texas Welcome Center (what better place to stop?)  Here is a picture of how happy the kids were to get out of their car seats and soak up some of the sunshine.

Texas Welcome Center

While we were able to catch up with some friends.  Here is a picture of my room-mate from college, Becca, her cute son, Carson, and then my two kids.  Carson is 9 months and did I mention that he is cute?  It is so fun to see him grow, last time I saw him he was just learning how to grab things and he sat in the bumbo for the first time…now he is sitting up all by himself!

Hadley, Carson, and Noah

I also got to see some friends from high school.  I didn’t get a picture of us (I wish I did) but it was so great to catch up with Kasey Key and Michelle Amos.  I don’t THINK I have seen Michelle since high school, or pretty close to it.  I have seen Kasey a couple of times, but I think it has been at least five years.  It is crazy how much things have changed and how much has happened since I graduated high school.  I loved catching up with them.  It was fantastic and I do believe we should do it again (in less than ten years).

Playing with my American Girl dolls

Another thing we got to do is go visit my old dance studio.  It was so fun, I love visiting the studio and the people who I grew up with.  My teacher, Dianne and her daughter, Jordan, were such a HUGE part of my life, I love seeing them.  What was even better than seeing them was seeing Hadley watch the big girls dance.  She LOVED it.  I feel like “love” is an understatement.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the girls, she didn’t want to leave, and she even tried copying some girls learning how to tap.  The studio just happened to be having a showcase of their competition dances the next day so we went and watched that too.  Watching Hadley watch the girls dance and seeing how excited she was and how she tried to mimic the girls- my heart melted.  Not going to lie I almost cried.  Dance was SUCH a big part of my life and for her to even enjoy it at all makes my heart swell.  I wish I had a picture of her mimicking the dancers but I don’t.  I didn’t take many pictures this trip.

Now we can’t go to Texas and not bake.  I bought a book about cupcakes.  So Hadley (and I) wanted to bake cupcakes.  First we made salted caramel cupcakes.  They were good but not as good as I wanted them to be so the next day we made strawberry cupcakes.  They were DELICIOUS.  I think the caramel ones can be soon, I just need to do a little bit of tweaking.  The strawberry cupcakes had real strawberries in the cake part and in the icing.  Here are pictures of the cupcakes and if you are in need of a strawberry cupcake recipe I can post it, let me know.  I am just being lazy right now and not wanting to.  This post has been long enough.

Caramel Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes

Our trip to Texas was fun even though now Hadley is sick and Noah was sick while we were there, we did have fun seeing friends and family.  I am thankful that we had the chance to go and just hang out.


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