Toddler Alert!

Hadley just had her 27 month celebration.  Now I know that after one turns two you stop counting by months.  But she is my baby so I will count her age however I want to.  Since she just turned 27 months that means she has been two for three months now.  Well since Christmas she has really developed the personality of a two-year old.  She asks “why?”  ALL. THE. TIME.  I timed her the other day and there were 7 “why’s” in one minute, and that was a SLOW minute for the why’s.  Why, why, why.  So far I am pretty good at answering the questions and I haven’t gotten frustrated with her and her questions.  She has the right to know, right?

Well that’s not it.  She also wants to do everything herself.  “I do it myself” is probably the second most common phrase out of her mouth (after “why”).  Today it took us thirty minutes to leave preschool.  THIRTY. because she wanted to walk by herself, she wanted to open the doors by herself, she wanted to open one of her food containers by herself.  THIRTY MINUTES.  She wants to get in her high chair by herself, she wants to get out of the minivan and shut the door and come inside the house by herself.  Everything by herself.  I try not to mind but like today after 20 minutes and I have been carrying Noah in his car seat this whole time, I am ready to leave school.  I am trying to be patient and letting her explore herself and her boundaries.

I love her and I love how she is growing.  I love seeing her brain work on complete sentences and questions and her independence.  I miss her needing me though.  Like I said, she is my baby.  And always will be.


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