This Christmas was our first Christmas to spend NOT at my mom’s house. In my whole life. We decided to stay in Fayetteville and enjoy Christmas as a family of four. I thought it would be hard because Christmas is a big deal at our house growing up. I actually loved being at my house and enjoying the day with my husband and my kids. We got to watch movies, play with play doh, decorate sugar cookies, jump on a trampoline. Just play. And enjoy each other. We had no other worries or obligations. It was lovely. I did miss my family a lot though. It helped knowing I was going to see them the next day though.
December 26 all four humans and two dogs loaded up in the minivan to go to Texas. It was crazy! The normal five hour drive took us a solid six hours. Between diaper changes, food stops, burping stops (oh did I mention I pumped in the back seat then fed Noah the bottle?), bathroom breaks. It was a long haul to say the least but we made it. While in Texas we got to spend lots of time hanging out with family and friends and of course a little shopping. After a week we came back to Arkansas and enjoyed a few days of each other again, returning back to real life.



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