Posted in January 2012

Baby Love

I love my kids. They love each other.  Look at this love for each other.  So cute.  I took them with my iPhone so the pictures aren’t that great but my kids are still cute. again, check out Noah’s face They love each other Advertisements

Pepper Jelly and Class Photo

People like to give pepper jelly.  At least people like to give me pepper jelly.  One problem, I don’t know what to do with it.  I know you can pour it over cream cheese and serve it with crackers but I don’t really like that.  So instead I have like four or five jars of … Continue reading

Toddler Alert!

Hadley just had her 27 month celebration.  Now I know that after one turns two you stop counting by months.  But she is my baby so I will count her age however I want to.  Since she just turned 27 months that means she has been two for three months now.  Well since Christmas she … Continue reading

The Best Soup Ever

Now I realize that you do not “bake” soup but this is also probably some of the best soup ever and I thought I should share. It isn’t quiet soup weather here in Fayetteville but I hear it’s snowing in Texas somewhere. And hopefully soon (well I don’t hope, but for the sake of cooking … Continue reading


This Christmas was our first Christmas to spend NOT at my mom’s house. In my whole life. We decided to stay in Fayetteville and enjoy Christmas as a family of four. I thought it would be hard because Christmas is a big deal at our house growing up. I actually loved being at my house … Continue reading