Baked Donut Holes

Since baby Noah’s arrival I have tried to spend more intential time with Hadley.  I think she needs that and needs to see me and Nathan make an effort.  The other day one of her friends gave her an apron for a birthday present.  I thought that it was the cutest thing ever and knew we were going to have to bake soon.  Since I have started breastfeeding again I have spent a lot of time on twitter, facebook, and the pinterest app.  I found a recipe on twitter for baked donut holes.  It sounded delicious and I thought it would be fun for Hadley and I to make together.  The “holes” are really mini muffins dipped in butter and then rolled around in sugar and cinnamon.  I thought Hadley would have fun getting her hands dirty.  She had fun doing it.  Here are some pictures.  This was right after nap time so Hadley’s hair is pretty messy.  Thanks Jennifer for the apron!

And the donut holes.

Here is the link with the recipe.  A great blog.


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