Birth Story

Well this is coming a little late but better late than never right? Noah finally made his arrival! I had a couple of feelings about this baby. One, he was going to be three days early. Two, he would weigh 8 lbs. Let me start out by telling you those things. We will come back to them. Well we had Hadley’s birthday party on October 1st. So October 2nd Nathan was ready for a baby. Noah was not ready for the world yet though. A few days later though I did start having contractions, regular contractions but they were usually about 10 minutes apart. That started on a Tuesday. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I was 75% effaced and dilated to a 4. My doctor said I could go to the hospital and have this baby that day but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be induced and I really would have been then. My doctor said any day though this baby will come. Nathan thought I would be going to the hospital on Thursday so he was sad that he had to stay at work on Thursday and then even go back to work on Friday. I told Nathan that we had to carry on with life, we can’t plan for a baby to arrive because we don’t know when he will come. So that weekend we went to the Razorback football game. I got some weird looks and a police man asked if I was going to have the baby at the game (thanks, Sir). Sunday afternoon I told Nathan that I thought we would have the baby three days early (first time I told him that) but to not get his hopes up because we may not. He said, well if we do can you do it in the morning so I don’t have to go to work. Sunday night we went to dinner with some friends and then came home. I was suppose to go to MOPS in the morning and knew I would be too lazy to take a shower in the morning so I took one that night. While in the shower I felt a strong(er) contraction. I had a feeling at the second contraction this was it but I didn’t say anything to Nathan yet. I waited for a few more contractions and realized they were 8 minutes apart and finally told Nathan. He had finally relaxed and went to sleep. I could not go to sleep though because the contractions were too strong. They weren’t that bad though so I watched Raising Hope on Netflix on my iPhone (thank you Netflix and thank you Apple). My first contraction was around 9:30. Around 12:00 or 12:30 I could tell they were getting stronger, but still 8 minutes apart. I woke Nathan up and told him we are having a baby though. So we called his mom and my mom and decided to get up and start packing. Well as soon as I stood up the contractions became VERY intense and VERY close together (about 3 minutes apart). Luckily we were able to get ahold of our friend Joe, who was on duty to come over in the middle of the night and stay at the house with Hadley. He came over quickly and by 1:30, when he arrived, the car was packed and we were waiting in drive way for him. I was in pain. So we get to the hospital and the nurse checks me and asks what I was waiting for (why did I wait to come in?) I didn’t know what she meant and then she told me I was about 95% effaced and dilated to a 9. We were having a baby any minute. We quickly got to the room to deliver. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural. I said yes. She had little faith that I was going to actually get one. Now back up, if you asked me earlier that day, I would have said, no its ok I don’t need an epidural. The nurse told me I could have the baby right now or try and get the epidural. Again, try for the epidural. You can call me a pansy and I am ok with that but I thought my contractions came so fast I was scared what would happen to my body if I went naturally, and fast. I don’t think I was scared of doing it naturally, just that it was all happening sooo fast. So anyways, I did get the epidural and at 4:57am a beautiful baby boy was born. Even though I had birthed a baby before this was still magical and amazing. A completely different experience than when I delivered Hadley. I told the nurse and doctor before he was born that I thought he would be 8 lbs. They said “no way.” Noah Riley Bowers was born and weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. So I was very close! I guess a mama always knows best. I love my little man. He is beautiful and amazing and such a blessing and gift from God. I am amazed daily that I God chose me to have Noah. A healthy, beautiful baby boy.

16 days later he is still amazing. He is a good baby. He struggles with gas some and has the cutest face when he cries about his belly hurting. It makes me sad though. His big sister LOOOOVES him to death. That is definitely another answered prayer. Nathan and I prayed so much for Hadley to respond well to baby Noah and she has. She loves him and always says “Hold you baby Noah” (which means she wants to hold him. The are precious together. I can tell he loves her too. Well I am going to go feed my little guy and then take a nap but I wanted to get this written fast. Enjoy! More to come soon hopefully.


5 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. Loved it when Hadley was reading to Noah and a page hit his foot, she kissed it and said it was all better! She is so sweet to him, both of them are precious!!

  2. How sweet! I am glad you got your epidural, I am afraid of natural birth, too. Being a mom is such an awesome blessing from God, thanks of this story. I can’t wait to meet Baby Noah and see Hadley (she is becoming a little girl)! Love, Torree

  3. aww what a sweet story, I’m so happy for you guys! You deserve the best life has to offer and that is definently it. What more could you ask for than a happy, healthy family filled with love!

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