This post is going to be mainly pictures.  I am too tired to write much but I finally took some pictures of Noah’s room and thought I would post them.

Noah’s Room! There is a picture that we are waiting on to go above his crib.  It is a painting that a local girl is doing.  I am excited to see it.  I am 37 weeks pregnant today.  Little Noah could basically be here any day.  I mean I hope he stays in there for a bit because we are celebrating Hadley’s birthday on October 1st and I would like Noah to NOT attend that party 🙂  I think he will stay in there though.  I am not really worried about it.

Ok, I have been waiting on these pictures I e-mailed myself from my phone of Hadley and I baking an apple pie together one time.  Baby and baking…all in one!  Perfection for this blog.  The picture is not coming through though and I am tired.  So they will have to come another time.

I have a link of some yumminess.  I made this today and unfortunately failed but I have made it before and it is DELICIOUS!!!  Today I didn’t cook it as long as it needed, which was frustrating because I had a feeling that was the case when I took it out of the oven.  Now if you follow me on facebook at all you have seen me post this bloggers work before.  She is AMAZING.  Most of her stuff is on the blog, I am baker, but this particular yumminess is on her mommy page, I am mommy.  Here is the link.

It is peach bread.  I know peaches are pretty much out of season, and everyone is into fall and pumpkin but peach bread is orange like pumpkin and it starts with a p like pumpkin.  Go make it.  DELICIOUS.  Also, check out her blog, I am baker because she is (like I already said) AMAZING. 🙂


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