Noah is coming…

Last weekend I had an amazing baby shower here in Fayetteville for baby Noah.  I am so blessed to have great people who love me and my family.  Also, it was great to see how crafty my momma friends are!  Some of the people there were at this same house, two years ago, celebrating Hadley.  Two years later they were there again celebrating Noah.  I love that.  I also loved all the new faces that have come into my life in the last two years.  Most of them I have met through my mom’s group.  Everyone there I have a special connection with and I love that about each one of those women.  Many of these women are CRAFTY!  That was definitely showcased last weekend.  I was given a handmade, knit, baby blanket, homemade burp cloths, and homemade diaper covers.  About half of my gifts were probably homemade.  I love that some of these mommas took time out of their busy life to make baby Noah something.  It means so much to me.  I also got many other great things that were not homemade but just as much appreciated.  I love those gifts too.  I felt so incredibly blessed and special at my shower.  I am thankful for everyone who came and just shared their love with me.

Having the shower helped me realize that this baby is coming.  Another thing that really helped me realize that this baby is coming was my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Yesterday I went to the baby doctor and had my first appointment of being “checked.”  I found out I was dilated to 1 and 40% effaced.  That information made me realize that this baby is actually going to come, and come soon.  Like he is making his way there.  It BLEW my mind!  Now when I got checked with Hadley for the first time I think my stats were close to the same.  She came ten days early.  Now, thinking that the stats were similar and if this baby comes 10 days early then that means he will be here in 2.5 weeks.  That is SOON!  Like, really soon!  It is still blowing my mind today.  I think I have spent so much time preparing Hadley for baby Noah, and just spending time with her and focusing on her and making it through the daily things in life, I totally forgot to prepare myself for this baby.  Luckily God is good and I know he gave me this baby at this time for a reason and when Noah decides to make his appearance it will be all in God’s perfect timing.  I love that about Him.  So even though I am sometimes freaking out about bringing a new baby home while I have a energetic toddler I find comfort in God’s plan.  I am soo looking forward to meeting Noah and seeing how different he is from Hadley.  He will be a great baby.  I am excited (and nervous).


On a different note I FINALLY baked something again.  I haven’t done a ton of baking lately because I have been SOOOO exhausted.  SOOOO tired.  But today I felt fall and so I baked the most delicious pumpkin muffins filled with cream cheese.  I got them from another blogger so I am just going to share the link.  I will tell you a few different things I did below the link.

They are delicious people.  Her pictures are way better than mine so I will just let you look at hers.  Two things I did differently.

1. I didn’t freeze the cream cheese mixture, too impatient.  I tried but I only left it in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes.  I just added a tablespoon of the pumpkin mixture to the cupcake liner, then a teaspoon of the cream cheese mixture and then another heaping tablespoon of the pumpkin mixture on top (then struesel).  They turned out delicious so I wouldn’t say you have to freeze the mixture.

2. It made 27 muffins instead of 24, not a huge difference and I didn’t really do anything to make more but just letting you know I ended up with 27 muffins.

I hope y’all all go and make these delicious muffins.  They are so delicious.






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