I’m Back…Kind of.

Hey everyone!  I apologize for being absent for such a long time.  I have been wanting to blog about so much and share some yummy recipes but unfortunately it hasn’t happen.  My husband, Nathan, has been sick, sick, sick.  It started three weeks ago.  He first got strep throat.  After a week of that, it turned into pneumonia.  He has had pneumonia for two weeks.  Every weekend he starts feeling better, then attempts to go to work on Monday and it is a doozie!  Then the sickness relapses.  We almost went to the hospital this week.  So I have been exhausted taking care of him, the house, Hadley all by myself and take care of my pregnant self for the last few weeks.  Everytime I thought about blogging I either was too tired or had something else that had to be done.  I have not had time to bake really.  I think I have baked once in the last three weeks…maybe.

So a little update about life.  Not much is really happening though besides Nathan being sick.  Hadley started preschool and she is so cute.  Her classroom is called the Monkeys.  She is in there with a couple of her friends which makes her happy I think.  She goes two half days a week.  I cried the first morning.  When I dropped her off last Thursday she got so excited when we pulled up.  It is a lot of fun.  She does art and I get a little progress report when I pick her up.  It is great.  She is also still taking gymnastics.  So our mornings are busy during the week, but in a good way.  She loves gymnastics still also.

Pregnancy: Less than six weeks until the due date.  WOW.  I mean WOW.  This pregnancy has gone by SOO fast.  I feel like at this point when I was pregnant with Hadley I had everything ready.  Right now?  Nope…not ready.  But I am getting there.  Getting closer every day.  Working on his nursery still, and working on stuff that needs to get done before he gets here, in regards to life.  Also, here is a fun side note: I peed tonight while sneezing.  I had to change underwear and pants.  That didn’t really happen with Hadley I don’t think.  Third time with this pregnancy.  Tonight was the worst though.  Yuck.  Nathan loves living with a pregnant lady.

Alright, well time to get off of here.  I do realize this is NOT a good blog post, still tired.  But I thought I would attempt something.  And hopefully the peeing story makes up for everything else.



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