Family Vacation

The Bowers family just got back from their first family vacation- just the three (and a half) of us!  It was FANTASTIC!!!  I could not have imagined a better vacation.  Getting to spend 6 full days with my two favorite people on Earth was the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for.

For those of y’all who don’t know, we were suppose to go on a cruise in the Greek Islands with my mom and family.  We were planning on going until less than a week before departure and then we decided not to go.  When we originally planned the trip I wasn’t pregnant, then I got pregnant but it was fine and then some rules changed with the cruise line and I was not really suppose to go on the cruise because I would have been further along in the pregnancy than the cruise line wished.  Well we were just going to lie about my due date and go on the cruise anyways.  Everyone was on board (except for Nathan, he was never REALLY on board but I chose to ignore that…not a good wife, I know).  So anyways after conviction, complication, and lots and lots of tears we decided not to go.  I thought (at the time) it was the worst thing ever.  My mom knew it was how God wanted it though and I had to trust that.

Well after this vacation I totally agree.  Even though I am still incredibly sad I did not get to go on a CRUISE to the GREEK ISLANDS with my family I see how blessed I am with my amazing husband and amazing toddler.  I see how God had this planned.  This is exactly what we needed.  We got to relax a lot and truly enjoy each other and get good quality time in with Hadley before Noah makes his appearance.  Hadley LOVED almost every moment of the trip.  She loved the sand at the beach but loved hanging out in her puddler jumper in the pool watching all the big kids.  She loved the fish and turtles and flowers around our hotel.  She loved the elevator button.  She loved the fries (she had fries almost every day…having a toddler makes you realize how unhealthy we eat on vacation).

We basically just swam, slept, shopped, and ate.  We actually got to relax and read and again, just enjoy each other.  Hilton Head, SC is a BEAUTIFUL part of the country.  If you have never been there I recommend it.  Our hotel was a great, kid friendly, place to stay.  There was a lot of good seafood as well.  I will include a few pictures of the trip .  I was hoping that I would get a good picture of my belly with baby Noah but that didn’t happen.  Blame the photographer (Nathan).  Then go take a family vacation.


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