Today and her “Purse”

Today was a great day with Hadley.  I mean I usually have good days with her but today I enjoyed it a lot.  Let me tell you why.  This picture is how my day started.  Hadley slept in a little and when she woke up she immediately took off her pj’s so here she is just wearing her bulky night-time diaper.  Everyone loves naked babies.  And this smile, is AHHHMAZING.  Does it get cuter?  She is just learning how to smile when I say “smile” while taking pictures.  This will be nice.  Now two other things in this picture that you may or may not notice is the little teaspoon cup of water on the counter and her green and white polka dot stool, or purse.  Yesterday Hadley found this medicine teaspoon cup and insisted on drinking water out of it.  This continued this morning (but luckily did not last very long today).  But it is very cute to see her drink out of it.  I mean she is cute doing most things.  Her stool.  This has a story all on its own.

One day my mother-in-law and I were at Bed, Bath and Beyond and saw this stool.  We thought it would be great for Hadley to have in her bathroom so she can wash her hands and it will help get on and off the potty whenever we start that trek.  It matches her bathroom perfectly since her bathroom is green with white polka dots.  Well, this stool has offered us so much more than help in the bathroom.  It travels all over our house and outside.  It has a handle on the top which when pulled the stool collapses and makes it very easy to carry around.  I did not notice this at BB&B.  I should have.  She carries this stool everywhere.  She can now grab MANY things off the counter (like knives and scissors) and can turn on and off light switches.  I am trying to learn how to use it to my advantage.  Like tonight she had it and was able to help me prepare dinner.  That was fun.  Now you may be wondering why I called it her purse.  Well when we got it her Nana Jane said she can carry it around like a purse…that was it.  Now she calls it her purse.  When she needs to “be taller” she runs around the house saying “purse, purse” while looking for her stool.  I think about correcting her but it is so cute.

One day my mother-in-law was here again and she and I were about to leave and MaryJane said “I need to get my purse” so Hadley went and got her stool and took it in the car with us.  Ha, cutie.  So even though this stool makes her like a foot taller and can cause problems I am learning to work with it and can hopefully use it to my advantage eventually.

Another reason today was fun was because I got to take a nap with Hadley.  I can definitely tell I am in my third trimester.  I am tired ALWAYS.  Today I laid Hadley down for her nap and she slept but only for about 45-1hr.  I went in there and laid down with her when she was kind of waking up and to my special surprise we both fell back asleep for an hour and half!  I am not a napper and Hadley doesn’t nap with mommy or daddy (she likes to flip flop A LOT) so it was so sweet to wake up rested with my baby girl.

Tonight I baked some whoopie pies and I was going to post it on the blog but they didn’t turn out as good as I wanted.  So I am going to wait.  I may post it later, but this post is so long already I may do a separate post.  Y’all give me your opinion?  I think I know how to make them better, the taste was GREAT (Paula Deen recipe) but they just didn’t look great.  Do y’all still want the picture and recipe?  If so, I will post it later this weekend.  Let me know.  Hadley (and her purse) helped me make these, which was a lot of fun.  I hope y’all had a good day and if you are a mommy, I hope you get some sweet cuddles for your baby soon!


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