First Post

I decided to start a blog.  I cannot promise I will keep it updated though.  I will do my best.  My blog will be about my life with my family.  I will hopefully emphasize baking and babies.  Two things I love dearly.  I will share my life as I write my blog but I will share a little of what is going on right now in my life, just to update y’all folks if you don’t know.

My husband, Nathan and I live in Fayetteville, AR.  We enjoy it here a lot and plan on raising our family here.  Right now our family consists of one little girl who is 21 months, Hadley.  She is beautiful.  We have two dogs, springer spaniels, Digger and Gracie.  Digger does not dig, Gracie digs.  We didn’t name Digger so don’t judge us by his name.  They are goofy and total opposites but I love them both.  We also are expecting a little boy, Noah, in October.  That means I am pregnant- almost 28 weeks (third trimester!) now.  I am a stay at home mommy and I love it.  It is a hard job but the best one I could ever imagine.

So now for a thought about babies.  I didn’t bake anything today so I cannot share any yummy baked goods with you, but they will come later this week.  Today was a day for this mommy to learn some stuff about raising a toddler.

My daughter is 21 months.  Almost two.  She is learning how to share.  Wow, sharing is a hard lesson.  Let me tell you why.  Well, she doesn’t understand what the concept of sharing is first of all.  Second of all, she wants what she wants when she wants it…she can be a little stubborn sometimes.  Third of all, sharing involves other kids and other kids parents.  Hadley is doing a great job in this process of learning how to share.  I mean she definitely has her moments but overall she is slowly getting it.  Today I learned how much teaching a toddler to share involves those around her.  When I am trying to teach Hadley to share she is looking around at the other kids around her to see how they share and when or if they don’t….well, that sends mixed signals to her.  Most things I have taught Hadley have not really involved others.  I feel like this is the first lesson I have tried to teach Hadley where it is not totally dependant on me, her and her daddy.  It has definitely been interesting and will continue to be interesting as we welcome a new baby in our home in a few months and as she continues to grow older.

Here is a picture of Hadley from today.  She is wearing a little dress that one of her second cousins let her borrow…she SHARED with Hadley and it was nice.  Hadley wanted to wear the dress when she found our Ruthie shared it with her, and that was nice.  She is so happy isn’t she?

Isn’t she cute?  I just had to find a reason to post this picture and luckily it did fit in.  Well it is time for this prego mama to go to bed.  Please leave a comment or write me on facebook to know that someone read this.  Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “First Post

  1. shannon i am so excited to read this i love you and hadley looks precious as ever today! love and miss you!

  2. Just read your cute story and I feel you. I guess that trend of learning from their peers will only continue to grow as they get older. But they’re still watching mommy and daddy lots, in their eyes we still “hung the moon”. At least that’s what I’m telling my lil one 🙂

  3. A lot of truth and insight there. As your kiddos grow the lessons they learn aren’t always from your teaching. That is why its good to give them a strong foundation and encourage them always to come back to you with questions. Good to see you yesterday….maybewe can run into each other intentionally soon!

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