Pictures Lie

The other day I posted these pictures on Instagram. They are cute, right?  We look happy right?  Well the people in the pictures were happy at the exact moment these pictures were taken.  These were taken around 9am.  Let me tell you about our morning beyond these two pictures. This was Amelia MOST of the … Continue reading


Last year, as I had mentioned in my last post, I had a goal to start reading more.  I LOVED it.  My Goodreads goal was to read 20 books in a year and I think I finished at 27.  Some of them I actually read and some I listened to on audio.  Now let me … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

Quick Post here (been trying to write this for awhile and I can’t wait until the end of Jan.) I have a couple New Years Resolutions.  I don’t strive too high, just attainable for me.  Here they are: I logged 179 miles on Map My Run this past year.  That isn’t quiet as much as … Continue reading


About a month ago I was celebrating two of my favorite people ever.  My brother and his new wife, Kate.  She is fabulous, they both are.  While at their wedding I was talking to some old high school friends who mentioned my blog and how they liked reading it.  Well ladies, this is for you! … Continue reading

A New Post

Today I decided I was going to write a blog post tonight.  I had some thoughts that I wanted to share and so I thought it was time to write a blog post and share.  Well now, that I am sitting down, ready to share, the words I want to say aren’t quiet forming in … Continue reading

The Loop

You would think just having four kids under the age of 5 would be a big enough loop right?  Finding out we were 2 months pregnant weeks after we adopted a beautiful baby should also be a big enough loop right?  Well apparently those weren’t  God had other plans for this mama.  Here is my … Continue reading

Thoughts from this Mama

When Amelia was born life was about survival.  Making it one day to the next.  Not much more and hopefully none less.  Now that Amelia is four months old I am trying to do more than survival.  Sometimes that is very difficult.  Sometimes I feel like I am on top of things, like I can … Continue reading

A Year Ago

A year ago today Harper was born.  I didn’t know ANYTHING about her at this time.  I didn’t know anything about her until a year ago tomorrow.  You can read more of that here.  This is probably the most emotional first birthday I have experienced.  I am full of joy for the little blessing Harper … Continue reading


Long time no see. I know. I realized lately I miss blogging. I really don’t have (don’t make) the time to blog. Right now I need to be making a grocery list for my trip to the store tomorrow, or I need to be canning tomatoes because we have an abundance but instead I am … Continue reading

My Four Kids…After Adding Number 4

Everyone acts differently when family dynamics change.  Sometimes kids react so differently depending on age, personality, and communication level.  All of my kids LOVE Amelia and have from day one.  Just because they love her though does not mean they have loved all the changes around here.  Let’s break it down. Hadley:  Hadley has the … Continue reading